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Kodak Disc Cameras Kodak Disc Cameras

In an effort to capitalise further on the advances in film technology and the popularity of the quick-loading Instamatic cameras, Kodak introduced the Disc format in 1982, but the ultra-small 8x10mm negatives were never very successful in the hands of "Joe Public" and his family and Kodak stopped producing cameras in this format in 1990. According to one source, Kodak produced 8 million disc cameras during the first year of production. As a point of interest, most, if not all, Kodak Disc cameras were fitted with aspheric lenses, the mass production of which Kodak had developed.

Film for this format was withdrawn from production by Kodak in 1998, it is no longer manufactured by anyone.

Most, if not all, Kodak Disc cameras have a four-character "CAMEROSITY" date-code, usually on the inside of the film door, near the hinge.
Kodak Disc Cameras
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