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Welcome to the Kodak Classics website

Basis of the information contained on this site is Chris Eve's Kodak Collection which was sold in 2005. When there weren't any cameras left, the website was taken offline but as I thought it very useful, here it is again.

The focus of the original website was on the technical properties of the cameras in the collection and the stories behind the cameras were few. I would like to add more stories and background information to place the cameras in a historical context and try to make them come alive.

I hope the information is as useful to you as it is to me. In case you find any mistakes or have additional information feel free to contact me.
News and Updates

  2 August 2011  -  Added and updated some web links
  2 November 2008  -  Update : Convert a Six-16 Folding Camera
  21 September 2008  -  Added : Convert a Six-16 Folding Camera
  21 September 2008  -  Added : Kodak Duo Six-20 Instruction Manual
  17 August 2008  -  Update: info on Kodak Instant film
  9 September 2007  -  Added : The Experts and the Eastman Kodak Ektra Camera
  25 May 2007  -  Added : Folder Retina Reflex S
  19 August 2006  -  Added : Taking Wintertime Pictures
  21 May 2006  -  Added : Camera Repair
  4 May 2006  -  Added : Shoozey the Photographer Priest
  1 May 2006  -  Added : Retina / Reflex / Reflex Guides
  23 April 2006  -  Added : The Kodak Duo-620 Story
  17 April 2006  -  Added : Amelia Earhart, user of a Kodak Duo-620
What's inside? More than this Kodak Pliant Lens!

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