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K o d a k   B o x   6 2 0
Kodak Box 620

A product of Kodak AG, this relatively standard metal box camera has two points of note, a sliding lever giving three aperture stops and tripod sockets which are rather larger than the 'normal' ¼" thread seen today. The camera is opened by simply depressing the front button retaining the carrying strap and sliding the front of the camera off, after extracting the film wind knob in the normal manner. The camera shown is the more basic variant with the meniscus lens.
name: Kodak Box 620
produced between : 1936 - 1939
lens : Various
shutter : Single Speed
film type : 620
picture size : 6 x 9 cm
quantity made : 425,000
categories: box, 620
Kodak Box 620

  index cameras 620 rollfilm
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